A month literally passed and if it weren’t for my friends I would have forgotten to blog these photos LOL.

Reason why I haven’t posted any photos is I got easily overwhelmed by how much photos we’ve taken. I like to avoid the responsibility of post processing and blogging ’cause I don’t know where to begin! hahahhahahha. I decided I’ll just post by batch so I can have at least a little bit of progress . Hahhahaha.

A month before actually going home I told my friends I want to “travel” because I’ve never really travelled anywhere. I wanted to go to Vigan at first but my friends don’t have leave credits yet so we decided to go somewhere nearer and can be explored for two days and a night. Sobrang haggard! hahaha.

Also, fun fact, this is my first time in Baguio. Yup, you can judge me! hahahahhaha

Arrived at around 6 am at Yang’s, left our bags, took a quick shower, then headed to Cafe by the Ruins!


I just found out recently that there are actually two branches of this cafe; I think we went to the first one? I’m not sure tbh hahaha thanks Jolo for making the itinerary haha (More photos below!)

Hello! Just another update that I’ll be making at midnight, because my flu has been keeping me awake and I have nothing better to do.

I know it’s been a while since my last post, and I really feel sad about it. 🙁 I have no excuses to be honest, most of the time I just forget, and when I do remember I don’t have any inspiration for it. However, once I start typing something like this (an effortless post), all blogpost ideas start rushing all over my head again. I promise I’ll be keeping notes this time and will even set an alarm for posting!

Anyway, you know the drill. You know Life Lately posts for sure. My sick and lazy butt cannot be bothered to make a collage or choose photos, so this post will just be full of bullets of what I have been up to these days.

Didn’t go anywhere for New Year’s but I wanted to look my best so I still put some makeup on!

2016-12-31 05.13.49 1

2016-12-31 05.13.48 1

I have been meaning to post this since last year but I just found out that I didn’t actually take a picture of the products I used or even me on the process of putting my makeup. Blogging is hard! Hahahahaha. I have to really work on not forgetting to take a picture of every single thing that I do but for now, maybe selfies will do?

(Products used is mentioned below if you click read more!)

Spent the first day of the year going for a trail to see these beautiful Sweet Gum Trees.

I am so glad I tagged along with my parents. It’s actually not my first time in the place (Tai Tong, Yuen Long) but for my first time I went to the Lychee Valley and Strawberry Fields. I didn’t know that this beauty exists there!

If you’re visiting Hong Kong and curious on how to get there, you can ride a Green Taxi or ride the K66 bus 🙂

First of all, happy new year!!! 2016 has gone by really fast and I am grateful for the past year.  I’m so excited for what 2017 has in store! One of my resolutions is to blog more often, crossing my fingers I’ll be able to do that~

Anyway, my holiday week off has been very hectic so I wasn’t able to blog as much as I want to. Apologize! But before I go back to reality tomorrow and start working again (sigh), I would like to share with you that I’ve finally tried baking using my new Steam Combination oven!

I wasn’t really confident in posting this since my photos are so low quality, but I’m so excited to share it with you and I just need to stop giving excuses to not blog. Also, have you ever tried taking photos in the midst of baking? It’s very difficult! There are so many moments where I’m just like “DAMN IT I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF THAT” hahahahha my phone is so greasy after this baking session!

I leave the high quality photos to professional food bloggers out there hihi

Yes that’s me and our living room’s reflection.

Say hi to my new Steam Combination Oven!!! In case it’s your first time hearing the term, Steam Combination (or combi steam, steam convection, whatever lol) oven is an oven that can use convection or steam for cooking your food. You can also set it to use both convection and steam. Whichever you prefer! I’m no professional in this and to be honest I was amazed too lol.

The oven that I got is Panasonic’s “Cubie” oven or SC100W. I won this at my company’s Christmas wishlist/raffle draw! I actually lost at my first choice (a TV) and I believe no one else wished for this oven which is my second choice so I got it! My tita self won! Hahahahhaha. I believe it was meant to be since I wished for my own oven ever since I was in High School!

Since I am just new to the world of baking–especially steam + convection baking, I didn’t focus yet on making the cookies from scratch. I figured I should familiarize myself first on how my oven works. It’s not easy to find recipes that are made particularly for steam convection cooking; most of the time you have to do the conversion yourself (conventional to convectional). But I found few ones that help.

Hi! I’m making this draft on the 26th already but still I wanna greet you (whoever you are) a Merry Christmas.

Just so you know, I am trying my best to sum up all the courage to post something as personal as this. I loved sharing and I remember my tumblr blog was an online diary to me, but then I just stopped. I was young and naive and didn’t know my limits; and so fifteen year old me just started to never share anything personal at ALL. Through the years, I also developed this habit of suppressing any negative feelings or my problems inside which makes it worse (trust me, hiding your feelings don’t benefit you anything). For some reason I am so anxious making this post huhu but whatever here goes nothing!

Let’s begin with this — this Christmas I don’t really know what to feel.

A little bit of a background story here.

I never really got interested on eye makeup. I have always put it as something that I would only attempt to do if there is a special occasion (i.e Graduation, Prom).

But when I got my Bubz Beauty “Be” Palette and my Hello Pretty kit (which I originally bought just for “Ribbon” the ultra matte lip that you can now buy as a single 😑) and decided to try it for the first time, I found out that I don’t really have much eye brushes!

I went on a hunt to look for a Wet and Wild blending brush (cause I don’t think I’m “pro” enough to buy a high end brush…yet lol). I asked my suki online seller (if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know why I call her suki haha) if she has one in stock and she does, but she also suggested to try ELF because they were having a Black Friday sale that time.

So I decided to get this one! (I am so sorry for rambling a lot, but this is one of the pros of blogging, readers can just easily scroll down to get to the part they care about lol)


One thing that I love about this brush set aside from the fact that it looks SOOO elegant and is affordable, is it’s the perfect brush set for beginners! You get brushes for your face and also brushes to create a simple eye makeup. It also has a fan brush that I always always use for highlighting. 😍

From Left to Right:Complexion Brush, Blush Brush, Flawless Concealer Brush, Small Angled Brush, Small Precision Brush, Eyeshadow “C” Brush, Powder Brush, Blending Brush, Fan Brush, Crease Brush, Eyebrow Duo Brush


You will get a tiny booklet inside the bag to give you a brief description for each brushes. See, so beginner friendly!

Let me talk about each single brushes (no, I will not use the word “review” cause I’m not qualified to make one lol)

If you know me in real life or even just follow my Instagram, you would know that I love food and taking photos of them. Sometimes I end up posting some on my feed, but sometimes I feel like they are not “instagram-worthy” so they just stay at my camera roll for a long time without knowing what to do with it. So now that I have a blog again I figured, why not share it here?!

I’m not entirely sure how frequently I will be posting these food diary entries; It can be weekly, every two weeks, it can be monthly, I don’t know! I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last though. hihihi

So enjoy! If you have seen my latest self portraits and wonder “why is Kristel getting so fat?!” you know why now. hahahahahaha

foodhihi-42 One thing me and my family grew obsession with is Gudetama. Anything Gudetama I’m willing to buy lol. This one has pudding inside. You can choose Milk or Egg but I thought the packaging for Milk is cuter so that’s what I got hahahaha


Also from Maxim, a Gudetama Cake!!!!!!! 😭 How I wish my parents saw this earlier when they bought me a birthday cake! Didn’t buy this one because it’s too expensive. All I can do is take a photo of it lol

My blog is back again! Yes!!!

If you are a friend of mine and have been following my blog journey, you know that I already launched Where My Arrow Points maybe a year ago? Wow, I’m not really sure! Hahahhaha

But school work had gotten in the way and I started neglecting it, and then by the time that I’m already available to post more, my blog was compromised and google blacklisted my domain. 🙁 I didn’t really know what to do by that time, I thought I can just redeploy my whole website and start from scratch (which I did). I just found out recently while setting up this blog that I have to take ownership of my website on Google and report them that I’ve done some actions to remove the malware.

I blame my cheap hosting package (1,2 php for 1 year?! what do you expect from that lol) plus the nulled theme that I used for that.

But hey, we’re back now and stronger than ever (lol). I changed hosting (using SiteGround now which is waaaaay better than hanephosting) thanks to Ate Daisy who lent me her credit card, and to my boyfriend who paid my theme for me as a birthday present! Setting up this blog was so convenient because of the paid theme and it also feels good to support web devs out there. 🙂

I was so excited and committed to bringing my blog back to life that I even did a mini photoshoot so I can have a self-portrait for my about me section hahaha. (Continue Reading if you want to see them!)