A month literally passed and if it weren’t for my friends I would have forgotten to blog these photos LOL.

Reason why I haven’t posted any photos is I got easily overwhelmed by how much photos we’ve taken. I like to avoid the responsibility of post processing and blogging ’cause I don’t know where to begin! hahahhahahha. I decided I’ll just post by batch so I can have at least a little bit of progress . Hahhahaha.

A month before actually going home I told my friends I want to “travel” because I’ve never really travelled anywhere. I wanted to go to Vigan at first but my friends don’t have leave credits yet so we decided to go somewhere nearer and can be explored for two days and a night. Sobrang haggard! hahaha.

Also, fun fact, this is my first time in Baguio. Yup, you can judge me! hahahahhaha

Arrived at around 6 am at Yang’s, left our bags, took a quick shower, then headed to Cafe by the Ruins!


I just found out recently that there are actually two branches of this cafe; I think we went to the first one? I’m not sure tbh hahaha thanks Jolo for making the itinerary haha (More photos below!)


Sadly I’m too full to try the bread they’re offering.


The ever ready Frenz lol


Some jarred items you can buy for yourself or as pasalubong!


The place was already packed when we arrived. :We had to order in advance and wait for a few minutes. We were able to sit at the table upstairs which is not what my blogger(ehehe) friends really prefer but it’s all good lol.





Ordered the classic Tapsilog from their Breakfast menu. Originally wanted Bagnet but it’s not available ’till lunch time. 🙁 (Sayang ’cause I just watched I’m Drunk, I Love You that time lol). I didn’t really set any expectation for this place and just went with whatever is in Jolo’s itinerary, so when I got to taste the food I WAS BLOWN AWAY. I am so sad I don’t have photos of their coffee, but please do yourselves a favor if ever you’re visiting and try their Iced Ruins’ Coffee!!1!! Also, the place actually has some history behind it that I already forgot because IT’S BEEN MORE THAN A MONTH HAY. So if you’re into that stuff you can easily ask the waitress and they’ll willingly share it to you. 🙂


“Pichur pichur” before eating. #Millenials


Inverted photo of my sister’s instagram post lol.


I’m so blessed to have friends and a sister who are still game to take tourist-y photos even if this is not their first time. Haha! At the end of the day it’s still actually me who gave up and refused photos already hahahahahha

Went to Burnham Park right after eating!


First timer hyped for Burnham Park!!!!!1!!!11

Sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

Obligatory photo with the Sunflowers!



After the photo session with the sunflowers, we went biking! You can rent any bike you like for 20 pesos/hr. We all chose to get twin bikes (is that what you call those?) because they look cute but I regretted it right away because it’s difficult to ride! First fight with my sister in Baguio is because of the stupid bike. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA we had it changed to a pedicab which we also regretted HAHAHHAHAHA we suck


#Prinsesa HAHAHAHHAHA I swear after this pic it was my turn to drive


Sadly my sister and I don’t have a cute pic like this riding a twin bike it’s actually my fault hAHHAHAHHA




Super ~*proOfeSy0n@al*~ photo taking by someone we just met in Baguio HAHAHAHHAHA. I had to add a stranger in facebook so he could send us the photos HAHAHHAA


Me taking photos of the two strangers we met in exchange of them taking photos of us lol


Hindi ready si Nikki HAHAHHAA


Kinain ng sistema ng Kdrama


My Cali Gurls. <3 (extra space for Adeth HUHU)


Korean food —____—-


More photos soon! Hope you enjoyed the first batch!



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