Didn’t go anywhere for New Year’s but I wanted to look my best so I still put some makeup on!

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2016-12-31 05.13.48 1

I have been meaning to post this since last year but I just found out that I didn’t actually take a picture of the products I used or even me on the process of putting my makeup. Blogging is hard! Hahahahaha. I have to really work on not forgetting to take a picture of every single thing that I do but for now, maybe selfies will do?

(Products used is mentioned below if you click read more!)

A little bit of a background story here.

I never really got interested on eye makeup. I have always put it as something that I would only attempt to do if there is a special occasion (i.e Graduation, Prom).

But when I got my Bubz Beauty “Be” Palette and my Hello Pretty kit (which I originally bought just for “Ribbon” the ultra matte lip that you can now buy as a single 😑) and decided to try it for the first time, I found out that I don’t really have much eye brushes!

I went on a hunt to look for a Wet and Wild blending brush (cause I don’t think I’m “pro” enough to buy a high end brush…yet lol). I asked my suki online seller (if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know why I call her suki haha) if she has one in stock and she does, but she also suggested to try ELF because they were having a Black Friday sale that time.

So I decided to get this one! (I am so sorry for rambling a lot, but this is one of the pros of blogging, readers can just easily scroll down to get to the part they care about lol)


One thing that I love about this brush set aside from the fact that it looks SOOO elegant and is affordable, is it’s the perfect brush set for beginners! You get brushes for your face and also brushes to create a simple eye makeup. It also has a fan brush that I always always use for highlighting. 😍

From Left to Right:Complexion Brush, Blush Brush, Flawless Concealer Brush, Small Angled Brush, Small Precision Brush, Eyeshadow “C” Brush, Powder Brush, Blending Brush, Fan Brush, Crease Brush, Eyebrow Duo Brush


You will get a tiny booklet inside the bag to give you a brief description for each brushes. See, so beginner friendly!

Let me talk about each single brushes (no, I will not use the word “review” cause I’m not qualified to make one lol)

My blog is back again! Yes!!!

If you are a friend of mine and have been following my blog journey, you know that I already launched Where My Arrow Points maybe a year ago? Wow, I’m not really sure! Hahahhaha

But school work had gotten in the way and I started neglecting it, and then by the time that I’m already available to post more, my blog was compromised and google blacklisted my domain. 🙁 I didn’t really know what to do by that time, I thought I can just redeploy my whole website and start from scratch (which I did). I just found out recently while setting up this blog that I have to take ownership of my website on Google and report them that I’ve done some actions to remove the malware.

I blame my cheap hosting package (1,2 php for 1 year?! what do you expect from that lol) plus the nulled theme that I used for that.

But hey, we’re back now and stronger than ever (lol). I changed hosting (using SiteGround now which is waaaaay better than hanephosting) thanks to Ate Daisy who lent me her credit card, and to my boyfriend who paid my theme for me as a birthday present! Setting up this blog was so convenient because of the paid theme and it also feels good to support web devs out there. 🙂

I was so excited and committed to bringing my blog back to life that I even did a mini photoshoot so I can have a self-portrait for my about me section hahaha. (Continue Reading if you want to see them!)