A little bit of a background story here.

I never really got interested on eye makeup. I have always put it as something that I would only attempt to do if there is a special occasion (i.e Graduation, Prom).

But when I got my Bubz Beauty “Be” Palette and my Hello Pretty kit (which I originally bought just for “Ribbon” the ultra matte lip that you can now buy as a single 😑) and decided to try it for the first time, I found out that I don’t really have much eye brushes!

I went on a hunt to look for a Wet and Wild blending brush (cause I don’t think I’m “pro” enough to buy a high end brush…yet lol). I asked my suki online seller (if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know why I call her suki haha) if she has one in stock and she does, but she also suggested to try ELF because they were having a Black Friday sale that time.

So I decided to get this one! (I am so sorry for rambling a lot, but this is one of the pros of blogging, readers can just easily scroll down to get to the part they care about lol)


One thing that I love about this brush set aside from the fact that it looks SOOO elegant and is affordable, is it’s the perfect brush set for beginners! You get brushes for your face and also brushes to create a simple eye makeup. It also has a fan brush that I always always use for highlighting. 😍

From Left to Right:Complexion Brush, Blush Brush, Flawless Concealer Brush, Small Angled Brush, Small Precision Brush, Eyeshadow “C” Brush, Powder Brush, Blending Brush, Fan Brush, Crease Brush, Eyebrow Duo Brush


You will get a tiny booklet inside the bag to give you a brief description for each brushes. See, so beginner friendly!

Let me talk about each single brushes (no, I will not use the word “review” cause I’m not qualified to make one lol)


Powder Brush

Ah, this will be my favorite brush from the set. This brush is good for either dry or wet products, you can use it for blushes, powders and bronzers. However, personally, I use this as a foundation brush! This one is bigger than Wet and Wild’s flat top brush, and for some reason the application is easier using this one. If you don’t wanna buy a whole set and you are just looking for a good brush to apply your liquid foundation with, I suggest this one.


Complexion Brush

Used this a lot already to apply powder all over my face, but I didn’t really like it! I’m not used to my powder brushes to be flat, so most of the times I still use my fluffy, domed Miniso Powder Brush.

However, I can see myself using this for applying bronzer/contouring.


Blush Brush

No need for an explanation, you use this to put on blush. Lol. Love this one too; I think this will be my 2nd favorite from the set. The size of the brush is perfect for my cheeks! I also like to try it out sometime for highlight, but I just feel like I’ll go overboard with it huhuhu


Flawless Concealer Brush

I mostly use this for blending concealer underneath my eyes. I still prefer using a sponge though for covering other parts of my face.

I’m curious if this will also be good for eye makeup. It’s very fluffy and I think it will be perfect for blending!


Small Angled Brush and Small Precision Brush

These two brushes I haven’t used that much yet. The small angled brush for sure you can use for your eyebrows or applying gel liner. Personally, I use it for putting a little bit of eyeshadow on my lower lash line. The Small Precision Brush would also work for that. You can also use it for adding more depth on the outer corner or highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.

The Small Precision Brush would also work for that. You can also use it for adding more depth on the outer corner or highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.


Eyeshadow “C” Brush

Whenever I start using this brush for my eyes, I forget that I have other brushes that I can use LOL. This brush is so convenient! It’s flat so you can pat some color all over your lid, you can also use it to define your crease, and also amazing to use for blending. If you don’t have much budget or just not that interested on spending much on eye brushes, I suggest just get this one and you’re good to go!


Crease Brush and Blending Brush

Have not much to say about these two brushes and no need to explain what they do hahahahha. Already tried both and it works okay for me. I don’t know why but I use the Crease Brush more than the Blending Brush. Might be because after using the Crease Brush, I go with the “C” brush and just finish my eye makeup with it hahahaha

brush-17Eyebrow Duo Brush

This one has an angled brush on one side and spoolie on the other. Only downside for this brush set is there’s a duplicate since there are two angled brushes, but it’s fine for me since I can just dedicate one for putting gel eyeliner (in the future maybe?) or like how I’m currently using it (applying eyeshadow on my lower lash line).

I haven’t really used this duo brush yet, since for my brows applying eyebrow mascara will do fine already.


Fan Brush

Have I mentioned that I also love the fact that ELF provides a brush guard for their big brushes? I didn’t really expect at all since I bought the set for a cheap price!

Anyway, looooove this fan brush for applying highlighter. I must say though that this one is too thin for me to be able to use it for contouring. I suggest to get a denser fan brush (maybe an M143?) if you want to use one for contouring.

But for highlighting, I have no complains for this one.

MY OTHER ELF BRUSH MUST-HAVE: I would love to get their Beautifully Precise Brush collection but mahn, those are too expensive. I’ve also been eyeing their stipple brush and contouring brush. Big chance I’ll be getting the two in the future!

Hope this post helped you especially if you are new on makeup (like me) and don’t know where to start because there’s too much and it’s overwhelming. I feel you! Hahahahaha

‘See you on my next post!




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