If you know me in real life or even just follow my Instagram, you would know that I love food and taking photos of them. Sometimes I end up posting some on my feed, but sometimes I feel like they are not “instagram-worthy” so they just stay at my camera roll for a long time without knowing what to do with it. So now that I have a blog again I figured, why not share it here?!

I’m not entirely sure how frequently I will be posting these food diary entries; It can be weekly, every two weeks, it can be monthly, I don’t know! I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last though. hihihi

So enjoy! If you have seen my latest self portraits and wonder “why is Kristel getting so fat?!” you know why now. hahahahahaha

foodhihi-42 One thing me and my family grew obsession with is Gudetama. Anything Gudetama I’m willing to buy lol. This one has pudding inside. You can choose Milk or Egg but I thought the packaging for Milk is cuter so that’s what I got hahahaha


Also from Maxim, a Gudetama Cake!!!!!!! 😭 How I wish my parents saw this earlier when they bought me a birthday cake! Didn’t buy this one because it’s too expensive. All I can do is take a photo of it lol


I kept on seeing this massive mango smoothie but didn’t really get interested until one of my colleagues asked me to try it with her since she knows she needs someone to share it with. I must say she made the right choice of choosing me hahahahhahahhahaha

foodhihi-40foodhihi-39My parents wanted to try this Italian fastfood like place somewhere near Discovery Park. Being the usual me, I’m the most excited for the dessert! We tried every single dessert except the frutti bocco hahahhaa.

(Starting from top left clockwise: Ice Tiramisu, Meringue Cake, Profiteroles Cacao, Italian Custard Pudding)

My favorite among the four would have to be the Profiteroles Cacao. If you are wondering what’s inside, it’s vanilla ice cream.. I just like how kind of bitter the chocolate is hehe. I’m confused though why it’s called Profiteroles when as far as I can remember it’s not really a cream puff? Not complaining though, STILL TASTES GREAT


I think IlaoIlao already replaced Golden Spoon in my heart… This one tastes amazing, the caramel is the best and I think this is the cheapest frozen yogurt that I have tried  here in Hong Kong! (Smile Froyo is also amazing, but too expensive!). If I were to go back though I wouldn’t ask for the hard small chocolate chip cookies anymore

If I were to go back though I wouldn’t ask for the hard small chocolate chip cookies anymore hahahhaa


Shanghai Popo! Nothing special really about this dish, just the usual Chinese Noodles with Porkchop hehe. Can’t believe this one is kind of mediocre since there are so many good reviews for the restaurant.. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. Will try again next time!


How I wish I can tell the name of this restaurant and the name of the dish, but most of the time during lunch or when ordering at work I just go with my Chinese colleagues and let them order for me.  Hahhahahhaa. Only thing I know is that the name claims that the Pork or the dish is from Paris (IDK EITHER DON’T ASK ME LOL). But tbh I remember I only ordered this for the egg because I was craving a sunny side up egg that time… maybe because of my gudetama addiction? I don’t know!


My first legit Yum Cha deserves a picture. Again, I don’t know what I ate lol but everything’s greaaat


This is how much my family orders in KFC. All of this for four people. We always get stares from other tables and see how amazed they are when we are able to finish all of this HAHAHHAHAH (hashtag unhealthy)


So scrolling through Open Rice, I found this dimsum place in Mong Kok named Lo Dim that is being given so much hype, so we gave it a try and sadly I AM SO DISAPPOINTED. People are nice, yes.. but the food just take SUCH A LONG TIME TO COME OUT. You know I am a very patient person when it comes to waiting for food, especially if I know that it will really take a long time preparing and cooking. But in this case it’s just too damn slow. Mind you, we went there at like 9-ish pm and there’s not much people anymore, so I really can’t justify why the food took too long to come out. Will not go back again to be honest.


OF COURSE, MY BIRTHDAY CAKE DESERVES A SPACE SOMEWHERE IN THIS POST. HIHI. Maybe like a month before my bday I was joking to my mom that she should give me a cake for my birthday.. and like day after my birthday they surprised me with one! hihi

Won’t describe anymore how this cake tastes like, it tastes like a usual Chinese Cake… Creamy and not sweet. lol Thanks parents I feel the love! hihihi


Chicken with melted cheddar cheese all over from Yue Mic Ka! I love this soo much. You know the food is good when all you can just say is “JUST GO TRY IT YOU WON’T REGRET IT” hahahhaha


For my birthday dinner we went to Rhine River, a restaurant and bar which is right beside Tsuen Wan plaza. At first I was a bit skeptical of the place but after tasting the food… WOW. The prices are quite reasonable too! My father also tried one of the beers they offered and said that it’s really great!

My brother and I shared the Pork Knuckle, the meat is so soft and the skin is very crispy. It’s quite salty though. Everything else we tried are perfect!


Breaded chicken with minced pork would have to be my favorite Taiwanese food. We tried this Taiwanese Place which is only few blocks away from Rhine River (I swear that street makes me hungry) and the servings are sooo big! If you are craving this you must go there. Wouldn’t suggest to try something else from that place because it takes too long and it’s not that great. Especially, the noodles with tomato soup.. Just don’t..

I forgot the name of the place (it’s also not in Open Rice WAT).. Will update this post if I remember! haha


Ending this post with another Gudetama food! hahahahhaha. These are very cuuuuute Gudetama mooncake!

If you have any questions about anything I posted here (like the price or the location), just comment and I’ll gladly answer. 🙂

Thanks for reading! ‘Till next post! 🙂






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