A month literally passed and if it weren’t for my friends I would have forgotten to blog these photos LOL.

Reason why I haven’t posted any photos is I got easily overwhelmed by how much photos we’ve taken. I like to avoid the responsibility of post processing and blogging ’cause I don’t know where to begin! hahahhahahha. I decided I’ll just post by batch so I can have at least a little bit of progress . Hahhahaha.

A month before actually going home I told my friends I want to “travel” because I’ve never really travelled anywhere. I wanted to go to Vigan at first but my friends don’t have leave credits yet so we decided to go somewhere nearer and can be explored for two days and a night. Sobrang haggard! hahaha.

Also, fun fact, this is my first time in Baguio. Yup, you can judge me! hahahahhaha

Arrived at around 6 am at Yang’s, left our bags, took a quick shower, then headed to Cafe by the Ruins!


I just found out recently that there are actually two branches of this cafe; I think we went to the first one? I’m not sure tbh hahaha thanks Jolo for making the itinerary haha (More photos below!)